State Reserve Sierra Montenegro

One of the main strategies for the biodiversity conservation in Morelos is the stablishment of natural protected areas an outstanding reservation is “SIERRA MONTENEGRO” it is ubicated in the central part of the state of Morelos. Between the counties of Yautepec, Jiutepec, Emiliano Zapata and Tlaltizapan.
This reserve has different values for Morelos natives to know such as:

  • It is known as an interesting zone in the botanic and zoo view, due to its variety in topography and location in the Neovolcanic area, just in the encounter of geographical regions such as the Neartic and Neotropical.
  • Relic template ecosystems are ubicated in the reserve such as oak forest and tropical ecosystems such as the lowland caducifolia rainforest and medium jungle.
  • It is an important refuge for many flora and fauna varieties in Morelos state, plus some of the species are important in values, food and medicine or they are in danger of extinction species.
  • Even though the inventories of wild life in the reserve are incomplete, until the day there are 335 vascular plants species and 241 vertebrate species (2 amphibians, 24 reptiles, 152 birds and 63 mammals) which represents 40% of the species registered in Morelos.

One of the principal characteristics in Morelos reserve it´s the biological corridor or bridge, between the natural protected areas and forest zones from north and south of Morelos state, It´s to say the biologic corridor, Chichinautzin and the sierra of Huatla.

The State Reserve “Sierra Montenegro” was created on June 10th, 1998 with the main object to protect and preserve Biodiversity in Morelos. It is outstanding that in 2008 the state executive, made in a public decree the delimitations and modification in the reserve zone, increasing its surface (nowadays it counts with 7,558 hectares) and it was incorporated to the Manantiales Zone of chihuahuita, the salto and zapote as part of the reserve.

For all the exposed, it is consider important the addition of intersectional efforts to promote the societies need of conservation. And the urgent protect and a restauration of the biological corridor, stopping the irregular human settlements for the restauration and sustainable use of the natural sources in the reserve.

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It was created on June 10, 1998 with the objective of protecting and preserving the biodiversity of the central region of Morelos

located between the municipalities of Yautepec, Jiutepec, Emiliano Zapata and Tlaltizapan.


Its surface currently has 7,558 hectares

and incorporating of Chihuahuita, El Salto and El Zapote springs zone


It is a refuge of 40% of species of plants and fauna registered in the State

335 species of vascular plants and 241 species of vertebrates.