Forest and Gullies in Cuernavaca

In Cuernavaca County, there is enormous environment deterioration even though it still has a rich biodiversity and natural sources, that is why is necessary to protect, restore and properly manage of the resources. Cuernavaca occupies only 0.01% of the national territory even though it counts with 6 of the 10 types of vegetation in Mexico and 5.7% of vertebrates species.

Cuernavaca counts with 10% of plants and animals that exist in Mexico, it also counts with native and endangered species.

The development of human activities has provoked a change of the soil in the last decades, currently the urban areas count with 40% of the county territory what has caused the formation of heat islands with the increase of 2 degrees centigrade in the center zone, Cuernavaca has also almost lost in its totally the prime ecosyste3m of the county, the Caducifolia Jungle, that was originally distributed in most part of the County and nowadays there are only 200 hectares left.

Even though Cuernavaca still conserves 40% of its forest territory (of which 14% is well conserve) is really important to protect and restore to maintain the privileged climate and biodiversity in the county.
The leading problem for biodiversity conservation and protection in Cuernavaca’s environment is the increase in human population, in the urban areas and the agriculture frontier, as it is water contamination, natural ecosystems and flora and fauna species. The regular and irregular human settlements have invaded federal zones in the gullies and have used them for waste-water discharges, most of them without a treatment, as same as the dump of domestic and construction wastes.

The main efforts for biodiversity and environment protection in Cuernavaca must be focused in the elaboration and practice of public politics and instruments related to the conservation and protection of biodiversity and natural sources between the outstanding developing of the Urban biosphere projects in Cuernavaca, and the observation of the Ecology an territorial Regulation (POET) the integral plan for the sustainable manage of the northwest gullies in Cuernavaca.

In the light of the previous paragraphs, it is very important to consider to make available for the public in general the important information of the natural sources, forest and gullies in Cuernavaca, and talk about the strategies and actions for its conservation, manage and sustainable use, as sane as contact and relationships with institutions and organizations or persons that have worked and continue working for the forest and gullies in Cuernavaca.