State's Strategy of Biodiversity in Morelos

Beginning with the compromise of Mexico with the agreement of biological diversity, In our country a study of the land was made (CONABIO 1998) and the National Strategy of biodiversity. (CONABIO 2000) from this agreement in the national ambit in Morelos an interinstitutional agreement was generated, of which was ratified by the Morelos state congress (June 27, 2001). Where the National Strategy was adopted and the congruency in this strategy was decided also the development of the biodiversity in Morelos state.

The state strategy of biodiversity in the state of Morelos represents the first effort of national and state organization to start a new process in the entities in Mexico, through the elaboration of a state strategy, that means a vision of the state on a future in what refers to the Biotic local Sources.

The state strategy is composed by a vision, mission, objectives, guiding principles, scope and goals; which are planed over the fulfillment of three strategy lines.

I.- PROMOTION AND CONSOLIDATION OF AN ENVIROMENTAL CULTURE that consist on 7 headings and 61 activities.

II.- The assertion of use, value and importance of Biodiversity, with 6 transversal headings and 56 activities following the strategy evaluation with 4 headlines and 18 activities.

The strategy collects the ideas, opinions and suggestions that help the improvement of institutions and organizations that participate from different social sectors in the state of Morelos, with the purpose of determine the roll of each sector, and what each one can perform to conservation and assure the permanence of the biological diversity in Morelos.

The initiative is designed as the place where the priorities of biodiversity and along with circumstances and characteristics of Morelos are discussed. However for the achievement of Morelos vison through 2025 of the manage and use of sustainable biodiversity it is necessary the feedback and proposes from people that have lived in Morelos.

It is outstanding that in 2009 a revision, update and a proposal was made. In the plan of Strategies Actions from part of CONABIO and CEAMA, a new office was created for the Biodiversity in CEAMA and it was managed with the congress of the creation of COESBIO( state commission of biodiversity in Morelos state) which it is still in approval process and the incorporation to COESBIO a decentralized office of the Sustainable Development Secretary in the state of Morelos.

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Promotion and consolidation of a renewed environmental culture

consists of 7 items and 61 activities.


Claiming the uses, values and importance of biodiversity

6 cross sections and 56 activities.


Monitoring and evaluation

4 items and 18 activities.