Bosque de Agua

The Doster foundation has actively work with the Biosphere of Anahuac Foundation in the elaboration, consensus and start up of the regional strategy for the Conservation of the Bosque De Agua (Water Forest).

The Water forest is located in the Chichinautzin- Ajusco-las Cruces mountains slope, and forms part of the head of water basins in Mexico Lerma River, and Balsas River. This is why it is important to guarantee the water provision and other important ecosystems services to a population of over 20 million people that live in Metropolitan areas of Mexico, Toluca and Cuernavaca.

Despite of the importance of a strategy there was not an specific scheme of regional coordination and collaboration to assure the long-term integrity in the water forest.

To attend this lack of importance in june 2011 a cross-sectorial inter agency cooperation started, helped by the Gonzalo Rio Arronte Foundation routed to the elaboration and consensus of the Regional strategy fot the water forest conservation. Whose main principle is to count with a scheme of help of all taken decisions by the government representatives, owner of the land, producers, environment and academic groups. To discuss and collaborate in the accomplishment of activities to conserve the ecological integrity, as the social and economic development.

This document was elaborated with a bibliographic investigation with different biological actors and with 4 multisectorials realized on December 2011 with a round of 200 participants and more than 80 organizations of the Balsas, Lerma, Panuco basins and the Mexican valley.

The results of this effort:

  • 1.- A vision and mission was created focused on 2030
  • 2.- 99 priorities themes were identify and 263 actions for each of the 8 strategy lines
  • 3.- An intention letter was written signed by 58 organizations and 37 government organizations(three levels)

The main problem has always been the despite of information of the municipality government. In the main actions that need to be done some of the most important were to foment jobsx in the forest board to promote attitude in the BOSQUE DE AGUA conservation.

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