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Our organization its recent created and wants to contribute, to the local ambit for the protection of biodiversity through the search and management of final sources for protected areas. The implementation of strategies in the environmental regulation in Morelos territory and the conservation, use and manage of the biodiversity taking as reference “ STRAGETY FOR THE CONSERVATION AND USE OF THE SUSTAINABLE BIODIVERSITY IN THE STATE OF MORELOS”.

We are consent of the Biodiversity situation in Morelos and Mexico and we know it is extremely delicate. In Morelos case we have lost more than 80% of forest and jungles due to deforestation. If this continues in 30 or 40 years our ecosystem and biodiversity could be lost and we would not be able to sustain environmental life in our state.

We consider urgent to stop the deterioration and destruction of our ecosystem and species in Morelos so that those ecosystems that have not been affected can be conserved.

The strategy for this is to add all efforts of all the different sectors and revert what is happening.
In order to accomplish our goals we need to:

  • Instead of complaining and criticize. Propose and collaborate
  • reinforce, expand and improve the social participation.
  • pass from the focus WIN or LOSE to WIN or WIN
  • begin a program of restauration and protection of our ecosystem and species.

The Doster foundation is looking for strategies of local cooperation for sustainable development, and the promotion of the human development in the environmental protection. This foundation is also looking for the promotion of projects that can contribute to the maintenance and recuperation of habitats and endangered species.

We work to generate synergies with other organizations to apply our politics and civil rights, we also work to promote good relations to generate actions that promote social environment justice.

We consider that our main challenge is to agree as Morelos citizens in what needs to be done and what do we want for Morelos today and what do we want for our state tomorrow in what refers to our natural source and our life quality. We are still on time to reach harmony in our state and keep enjoying of the nature in this territory we live in.

Doster Foundation