Objetive Strategies

The Doster foundation has been working on eight objective strategies related to the environment protection: collaboration, protection, recovery, management and use, funding, investigation and difusion & management.

  • Collaboration:
    Collaborate and generate synergies with other organizations and related institutions for the conservation and restauration of the biodiversity and natural sources.

  • Protection:
    Contribute to the conservation of the most representative ecosystems in Morelos and in the country biodiversity, through the responsable participation of all establishment sectors and the manage of natural protected areas and the observance in ecology regulations

  • Recovery:
    Recover degraded territories in priority zones such as : water basins, river beds, gullies and forest areas. To accomplish this we need to stablish reforestation areas and the use of the forest and wild life.

  • Management and use:
    support actions focused to the conservation, manage and sustainable use of biodiversity and Natural Sources.

  • Funding:
    Consolidate the cooperation and funding of local, national and international conservation projects that contribute to the realization of the mission and social focus of the foundation.

  • Investigation:
    Promote the development of scientific investigation and technology applied to the knowledge generation for the preservation, manage and use of sustainable biodiversity and natural sources.

  • Difusion:
    Develop a communication program directed to the society of what does the Doster Foundation is and all the benefits and environmental services generated to the forest, jungles and other ecosystems in Morelos state and the use of strategies for its conservation.

  • Management:
    add the opinions and technic elements necessary for politic Management in local, state and national legislation in biodiversity. Also the protection of biodiversity, environment and the natural sources in Morelos.